The giant mat

The giant mat, in Cubbon Park, Bengaluru, India by Artist/Designer Natasha Sharma. Public space interventions



Social Intervention, Thesis project, Urban Poetics 






The centre of the city, Cubbon Park holds people from various corners of the city, making it a capsule of different communities and dispersing them in small groups around the park. The Giant Mat is a 24 feet by 16 feet mat installed in Cubbon park. It aims at understanding how people share spaces in shared / public spaces and what are the boundaries of it. It is a proposition to initiate a  platform for conversations between the varied groups of people that come by.


*I did not receive consent to upload the recordings/ images on the internet, hence below are the only few. 





At first, it was used by a family of eight that placed themselves on one corner of the mat, leaving the rest for someone else to use. After sometime, another family sat on the corner, diagonally opposite to them. Eventually, the two groups started initiating some dialogue. The kids of the two families started playing together and some food was shared too. After one family moved, another family of the same community came and sat there.


The mat not only served larger families but also became a community mat. In this micro site,  this installation reflected how different communities conduct themselves in larger spaces.



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