8-minute project



Site: Cubbon Park metro Station




Pedagogy in public space.

There is an 8 - 6 minute gap between every train that enters the underground metro station at Cubbon Park, Bangalore. How do we turn the wait into an opportunity to learn and share?

The 8-minute project is trying to activate the wait time between two trains. It is imitating the form of mini workshops by creating learning environments for the people taking the metro day in and day out. This intervention is about pedagogy in public spaces. And how general public can be offered creative thinking by using the metro-transit as a classroom, making the process of learning accessible to all in a shared site such as the Cubbon Park Metro Station.

In Collaboration with Art in Transit ( a public art initiative facilitated by the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, with the aim to facilitate meaningful discourse, research and practice of art, design, technology in spaces of transience in collaboration with Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL)

We are calling for entries for this project. Shoot a silent video and share it with us - from cooking to making a zine to everyday hacks and more and watch others learn from you in the metro station. We expect silent videos with text if necessary. (no sound). It can range from a minute long to 8 minute max.

If you have any ideas, questions or even need help shooting it, reach out to me personally at

(.co not .com)

To submit,

Upload the file on weTransfer,

and send it to in with your contact details.



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