Blog bin

Blog Bin, in MG rd boulevard, for Design Uru festival, Bengaluru, India by Designer Natasha Sharma. 





Social Intervention, Thesis project, Urban Poetics 

Blog bin was an object created around the idea of initiating one's connection to their own trash. Bus stops, trees on parks, walls, etc are filled with names, scribbles, drawings, etc. People are often seen doing this to leave their mark in public spaces. For me, even throwing trash is a similar act of leaving ones mark in public spaces but not a conscious one. Through this experiment I wanted to showcase how a box of tin has the potential to become a log of the city reflecting the thoughts of its people. I also wanted to test if one would really use the bin and write on it and if so, what would a bin become for them?


Two bins were installed at the MG road boulevard, Bengaluru. It was made of two blackboard surfaces and two transparent surfaces and chalk hanging from its corners. 'Bin' was written with chalk on its sides with a statement saying 'Throw your thoughts, while you throw your trash.' Eventually people started to use the bin and write or draw whatever came in their head without any nudges or hints. The fact that the waste was seen and so were the drawings and scribbles, the aesthetic of the bin became very reflective of that space. It became a personal impression in a public space.


This takes me back to what Lata Mani says “If we could but open to the truth that trash is simply matter in motion and as such, shares the essential quality of all matter in changing form, shape and function, we would be able to honor the waste we produce as well as those who tend to it.”


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